Christmas Cookies

Christamas Cookie Tray
Last Sunday I baked a few cookies for our Holiday luncheon at work; it was today. My cookies were a hit! Almost all gone. OK, so I did two types of Christmas cookies, sugar cookies and brownie bites.
  1. The sugar cookie was a cookie sandwich with cream cheese icing and crushed peppermint edge; delish!
  2. The second type of cookies were more like brownie bites. I baked the double chocolate brownie, then cut them in different shapes; stars, mini Christmas trees, gingerbread man, and snowman. So, once the brownie bites were cut into shapes, I iced them with the same cream cheese icing I used for the sugar cookies, then topped some with colored sugar and some with crushed peppermint.

The cookie tray looked really festive and colorful. See the pictures above and below. I was lazy and only took pictures with my phone, so not the best resolution but you get the idea.

Christmas cookies

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  1. what about the recipes? I want bake some cookies too...Maybe this weekend!!