Here comes the bride, wedding cake, and carved watermelon

This weekend I went to friend’s wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids and could not be involved in making that cake. Also, the bride’s cousin was already in charge of the cake. Surprisingly enough I did not take a picture of the cake, but I did take a picture of the carved watermelon. It looked so cool with their names carved on the outside and roses carved inside. The top was carved out of yellow squash.

The wedding cake was a 3-tier square chocolate cake with butter cream icing only and fresh flowers, plus a coral ribbon around each tier. If I was making the cake I would use fondant to give it a more sophisticated look and I would also make a richer chocolate cake; perhaps adding espresso coffee or even chocolate chips. I have a book called Confetti Cakes that has a great chocolate cake recipe. Overall it was an OK cake, but nothing too special. I guess most people have very high expectations for wedding cakes and it’s easy to be let down.

Well, cake aside, the important thing here is that I had a great time and I am very happy for my friend and her now husband. Congrats!

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