Vintage Hand Mixer

My co-worker recently moved to a new place and, in the process, she found some kitchen small appliances that she didn’t use and decided to give them away. When she brought this cute GE vintage hand mixer, circa 1980’s we think, I was so excited and temped to take it for me; just in case I am ever using my own hand mixer and needed someone else to help with another mixing in the process, I would have a second one. But, I figure it’s just one more thing to clutter my house and I don’t really need it.

Even though I decide to not take it for me I still wanted to give to someone that needed and would appreciate; VOILA! I had a moment and remembered my friend Melissa; she needs one! Melissa need to start baking once in a while for her 10 year old son and husband – actually she is about to give birth to her second child and I am not sure she will have time to bake for a while or learn to bake; because she never did. By the way – I will be making a baby shower cake for her in a few weeks – came back for it.

So, back to the vintage hand mixer, Melissa was very glad I offered her the mixer and said “YES, I NEED IT! Thanks.” So, the cute hand mixer is going to a good home and will be put to work soon, I hope.

What most impressed me about this hand mixer is the fact that it has instructions about speed on both sides of the handle and the beaters are a bit different too; it also has little attachments o n the sides to hold the beaters, too cool! Maybe I over reacted, but I was happy to be able to give to a friend that needs it.

Check out the GE hand mixer pictures …

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