Passion for Pastry Cupcakes are AWFUL

Last Saturday I went to the mall to do some shopping and I was craving a nice cupcake. Well, I knew that Passion for Pastry, a bakery at the food court at the Town Center Mall, sold cupcakes and I couldn't wait to get me one. After I am done with my shopping I stopped by the bakery and picked up a chocolate cupcake with cappuccino icing to eat tat the mall and got a second one to bring home to my husband; a chocolate with sprinkles.

Anyway, I ate mine at the mall but wasn't really happy with it. As I ate, I was trying to not pay any attention to the box taste in the cupcake. So, I pretty much fulled myself and ate it all, I was really craving a cupcake and didn't want to disapoint myself. I also had really high expectations for that cupcake. But, once I got home I took a bite from the second cupcake and there it was, the moment of truth, again it was really awful! It tasted even worse than the first one. I was so upset and could not believe that at $3.25 a cupcake someone had the courage to sell that kind of stuff - the cupcake was just awful even my husband said it tasted like the box and the icing was soo sweet it made me want to spit it out- the whole experience with that cupcake was very disapointing. I wil lnever go back to Passion for Pastry. I can only imagine how their fancy cakes taste - PROBABLY AWFUL TOO IN A MUCH BIGGER SCALE.

I don't recommend getting any cupcakes from Passion for Pastry or any of their cake either- it's not worth half of the cost - you will be better off getting a box of cupcakes at Publix at just over a dollar each or less if they are on sale.