Cinco de Mayo Cakes

cinco de mayo cakes
This was an order my boss placed for a birthday party. The birthday girls were twins and the cakes needed to coordinate. I never did a Cinco de Mayo cake theme before but, in my research, I saw a lot of sombreros on cakes or just general Cinco de Mayo party decorations. So, the main decoration is the orange hat or sombrero and some red peppers made out of fondant and painted with red candy paint.

The square cake was a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing. The round cake was a chocolate cake, also with vanilla butter cream icing. I think it looks very festive, it was quite of work b/c I had to break it down into a few different days and finish it up the night before. But, I was pleased with the results and it was fun to make it. I just hope the birthday girls also liked!

cinco de mayo vanilla cake
cinco de mayo chocolate cake
Customer Testimonial
Just wanted to tell you the cakes were a HUGE hit!!! Everyone swooned over the decorations! I served myself one slice of chocolate and a 1/4 piece of vanilla, intending to only to 'taste' each flavor. I found myself devouring the whole thing and scraping the icing from the plate! They were DELICIOUS. - Sooooo moist! And the icing, perfection.