Baking Party Rocks is Born!

I am very excited to announce my new business Baking Party Rocks! Baking parties are deliciously fun for kids and adults of any age. Baking Party Rocks will come to your kids baking party and entertain the crowd with some yummy baking. Baking Party Rocks also offers newlywed baking party, mom and daughter baking parties and more. We'll show everyone how to bake delicious cakes and cupcakes; decorate and have fun! Party members will help with the baking and decorating of all the baked goods. Visit Baking Party Rocks for more information.


Birthday Cupcake Rose Vase

I made this cupcake vase for a birthday celebration. These are low-fat Chocolate cupcakes with not so low-fat butter cream icing! For the chocolate cupcakes, I used low-fat milk and unsweetened apple sauce. When you use apple sauce to replace the butter the cake comes out very moist and dense. So, keep that in mind. If you don't like a more dense moist cake, you might want to stick to the more conventional ingredients.

I got the metal vase at a local craft store. It looks very cute! Great presentation for the most delicious roses you will ever get!

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